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Lenox Park
Welcome to Lenox Park of Novi, Michigan
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January 17, 2021
Today's Holiday:   Bootlegger's Day
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Budget Bits - December
Posted on Dec 12th, 2020
by Mike Bossio
Our financials continue to perform as planned. The December 1 Operating Fund sits at $164,249.43, an increase from the previous month’s balance ($154,554.87). The December 1 Reserve Fund now stands at $1,061,502.39, a minor decrease from the previous month’s balance ($1,062,032.54). Although we deposited our budgeted amount of $14,226.17 in the RF, we spent $13,190.00 for planned painting expenses and $1,700.00 for planned concrete expenses. These two expenses netted an overall reduction in RF funds.
The Reserve Fund actual amount of $1,061,502.39 compares to the Reserve Advisors Anticipated December 1 Reserves of $1,033,695 (calculated). This calculated amount is based on linear extrapolation of the elements that make up the Anticipated Reserves, namely, Recommended Contribution, Earned Interest, and Anticipated Expenditures. We are exceeding the RA Anticipated Reserves by about 2.7% YTD.
I will, of course, continue to keep you apprised of our performance on a monthly basis.
Work Orders
Posted on Nov 26th, 2020
By Gayle C. Hinman
Many residents have asked how to check on work orders they have submitted. Here is where and how to find out if and when your request was processed. 
Log in to TownSq – www.townsq.io.  If this is your first time, use an internet browser other than Window Explorer (e.g. Chrome, Firefox), and register using your account number and zip code.  The account number will show on your payment coupons.  If you’re on Direct Debit and don’t know your account number you can contact customer service at customerservice@kramertriad.com to request it.
Work Orders can be viewed by clicking “Requests” on the left side of the screen.  Select the work order in question.  The work order will show a status of “in-process” or “closed”, and if closed it will give a “Date Completed”.  If an update is available it will also show here.
Walled Lake Early Childhood Learning Center
Posted on Nov 1st, 2020
By Gayle C. Hinman
Last week Charles Boulard, Director of Community Development for the City of Novi, called to let me know that after the Center is completed in 2022, we can request to have a traffic study done to determine if there is any impact on the flow of traffic on 13 Mile. If the study indicates that it has created a problem, then we may be able to request a traffic light. 
Construction Across from LP on 13 Mile
Posted on Oct 25th, 2020
By Gayle C. Hinman
Walled Lake City School District is constructing a single-story, 38,385 square foot facility and outdoor play area for an Early Childhood Center which is planning on opening up in Fall 2022. As a public school organization, they are subject to state approval and laws, and local jurisdictional review is done as a courtesy, but the applicant does not have to strictly follow all of the City of Novi requirements.

   Upcoming Events   
January BoD Meeting
Friday, January 22nd, 10:00 am
Location:  Teleconference

2020 Wreaths at Lenox Park
By Suzanne, Webmaster on December 19, 2020
At this time of year beautiful wreaths appear on some of our garages. If you would like a closer look at these, check out the new photo album on the Photo Gallery page of the website.
Merry Christmas to all.
Board of Director Changes
By Gayle C. Hinman on December 12, 2020
We have had a few changes on the Lenox Park Board of Directors. On Monday, December 7th Jeff Dunn resigned from the board for personal reasons. We are very sorry to see Jeff go but certainly understand. While Jeff was on the board he was very instrumental in helping to get the irrigation system in much better working order. Jeff also did a great job working with A&R for our snow removal. Jeff has graciously offered to continue to oversee these important areas until he can share his knowledge with a new volunteer from our community.

Aston Robotham has accepted the position of Vice President and will continue to be an important, knowledgeable member of our board.

Rick Shanoski was asked and he accepted to become our new board member. He will replace Aston as Member At Large. Rick has been an important member of ACC for many years and previously has been on other community boards. We look forward to having Rick join the board.
Update - November Financial Report
By Webmaster on December 12, 2020
To review the November 2020 Financial Report, go to the Financial Matters page of the website.