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Lenox Park
Welcome to Lenox Park of Novi, Michigan
Today Is...
July 19, 2024
Today's Holiday:  Karaoke Day
This day in history:   1799 - Rosetta Stone found
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Budget Bits - June
Posted on Jul 13th, 2024
From the May 31 Balance Sheet, our Operating Fund is $103,243.91, a decrease of $39,569.73 from the April balance of $142,813.64. Significant Operating Fund (OF) expenses for May were $1,660.51 for Building Repair & Maintenance vs a budget of $666.00, $20,875.00 for Pond Maintenance vs a budget of $334.00, and $1,946.00 for Roof Repair & Maintenance vs a budget of $834.00. All other expenses were as expected. 
The May 31 Reserve Fund is $1,610,484.90, which is $36,368.04 more than the April balance of $1,574,116.86. We deposited our planned 2024 CY monthly amount of $32,545.25 and had earned interest of $3,822.79.
Great News!
Posted on Jul 5th, 2024
Great Oaks repaired the Lenox Park Marquee yesterday at the corner of Lanford and Lenox Park Drive. As mentioned at the Annual meeting, the area was damaged by a vehicle and the Association received a settlement from the vehicle owner’s insurance company. All repairs were completed with those funds. The repairs did not cost the Association anything other than our time to ensure the matter was settled, and the area restored. Please take the time to view the repair and see the great job!

Novi trash and recycling pickup service
Posted on Jul 1st, 2024
A notice from: 

 Novi's current residential trash hauler, GFL, is finalizing an agreement to be purchased by Priority Waste. Once the transfer agreement is finalized, Novi's residential trash and recycling pickup service will be operated by Priority Waste - starting July 1, 2024. You can learn more about Priority Waste at prioritywaste.com
Prioriy Waste intends to honor all aspects of the GFL municipal contracts, including collection days and rates. Although trash will continue to be picked up on the same day, the time of day may change. Other than that, nothing will be different. Please continue to place your trash and recycling in the appropriate GFL branded carts by 7am on your collection day. For the time being, Priority Waste will also continue to use the existing GFL branded trucks.
If you have any questions about your solid waste pickup service, please continue to contact GFL Environmental USA at (248) 204-6759 until June 30, 2024. Starting July 1st, you can contact Priority Waste at (855) 927-8365.
You can also send a text message with your name, address, and issue to (248) 278-7611 or submit a request for service online at novimi.qscend.com/311/request/add.

   Upcoming Events   
August BoD Meeting
Tuesday, August 20th, 10:00 am
Norm Schmidt
30142 Lanford Drive

Update - May Financial Report
By Webmaster on July 13, 2024
To review the 2024 May Financial Report, go to the Financial Matters page of the website.
Update - 2024 Annual Meeting
By Webmaster on July 5, 2024
For handouts from the July 1, 2024 Annual Meeting and the Novi Public Library Presentation go to the Meeting Minutes page of the website.
Road Work
By Gayle C. Hinman on June 6, 2024
Starting June 10th Novi will be doing road work on M13. The north side will be shut down and the road will be one way. I was told it will not be for as long as last summer. As a reminder, Brightmoor Church traffic will be very heavy on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, so for your convenience, try to avoid coming and going during these times.
Update - Deck Stain Chart
By Webmaster on June 5, 2024
To review the updated Deck Stain Chart, go to the Modification page of the website.