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Lenox Park
Welcome to Lenox Park of Novi, Michigan
Today Is...
January 27, 2022
Today's Holiday:  Chocolate Cake Day
This day in history:  1965 - Shelby GT 350 debuts
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Budget Bits - January
Posted on Jan 16th, 2022
by Mike Bossio, Treasurer
From the December 31 Balance Sheet, our end-of-year 2021 Operating Fund is sitting at $130,712.73, which is $32,381.74 less than the November 30 balance of $163,094.47 . The significant contributor to this difference is the transfer of $25,000 from the Operating Fund to the Reserve Fund. We made this transfer because we were entering 2022 with the Operating Fund in excellent shape. Recall that we allocated $150,000 in the Reserve Fund for the Pond Irrigation Project. The actual Project cost will come in at $175,600. We paid the contractor $165,600 in 2021 from the Reserve Fund, withholding $10,000 pending satisfactory project completion in 2022
The end-of-year Reserve Fund is $1,090,211.57, which is $37,109.77 more than the November 30 statement of $1,053,101.80. This compares to the Reserve Advisors (RA) Anticipated Reserves at the end of 2021 of $1,140,685. The $1,090,211.57 is 95.6% of the RA’s anticipated amount. Recall that our community’s official target is 80%, although we have been achieving more than that for a number of years now. I am comfortable with our RF status and, together with the rest of the Board of Directors and our Property Manager, will work toward pushing the RF amount toward 100% achievement.
I believe we are entering 2022 is excellent financial shape. I will continue to update you monthly.
Posted on Nov 25th, 2021
by Gayle Hinman
Winterization of our irrigation system (i.e., clearing/blowing out the irrigation lines to prevent them from freezing and rupturing over the winter) was completed last week by Greenlawn. They will be back in the spring to evaluate & repair any landscape that still needs addressing due to the pond project.
Please don’t forget to clear the water line in your basement between the outside faucet and the inside valve approximately 12” to 18” inboard of the faucet.  This is easily done by opening the outside faucets at the side and rear of your condo and, while the water is running, turn the inside valve off.  This will allow the water line between the inside valve and outside faucet to be free of water, thus preventing any freezing in the line if the winter proves to be very cold (polar vortex, e.g.)   

   Upcoming Events   
January Board Meeting
Thursday, January 27th, 10:00 am
Location:  Gene Malymeik's home

COVID Home Tests | USPS
By Gayle C. Hinman on January 19, 2022
Everyone, if you would like to receive a free home COVID test go to this website and fill in the provided form:

Updater - December Financial Report
By Webmaster on January 17, 2022
To review the December 2021 Financial Report, go to the Financial Matters page of the website.
Update - 2022 Budget
By Webmaster on December 14, 2021
To review the Lenox Park 2022 Budget, go to the Financial Matters page of the website.