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Lenox Park
Welcome to Lenox Park of Novi, Michigan
Today Is...
September 28, 2022
Today's Holiday:  Strawberry Cream Pie Day
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Budget Bits - September
Posted on Sep 17th, 2022
By Mike Bossio, Treasurer
From the August 31 Balance Sheet, our end of August Operating Fund is sitting at $184,084.51, which is $15.522.82 less than the July 31 balance of $199,607.33.
The August Reserve Fund is $1,197,821.54, which is $10,296.21 less than the July 31 balance of $1,208,117.75. We deposited our planned amount of $17.046.16.
Several significant expense items were paid in August. They include:
#6140 – Mowing and Edging for $10,571.45
#6145 – Mulch for $10,000.
#6155 – Landscape Replacement for $10,799.
#6160 – Tree Maintenance for $4,734.90.
#6200 – Irrigation Repair and Maintenance for $16,060.
We are still progressing nicely. I will continue to update you monthly.

Kramer-Triad Customer Services Improved
Posted on Jun 30th, 2022
A letter from  Associa Kramer Triad Management Group, LLC
June 29, 2022
Dear Valued Client,

Earlier this year, our branch was presented with an exciting opportunity that had the potential to provide an enhancement to our customer service response times with a revamped automated phone system and a larger remote representative base. However, within these first 90 days we have come to realize that a more modern approach is not always an improvement. We are therefore returning a large portion of the customer service functions to our previous operations wherein we can resume providing the One Touch protocol that served in our communication improvements from mid-2018 to the recent changes this Spring. This will occur following the upcoming extended holiday weekend.

   Upcoming Events   
October Board Meeting
Tuesday, October 18th, 10:00 am
Henrietta Makowski
40737 Lenox Park Drive

July BoD Meeting
By Webmaster on September 20, 2022
To review the July BoD Meeting minutes, go to the Meeting Minutes page of the website.
Picnic Pics
By Webmaster on September 19, 2022
Check out the 2022 Picnic pictures on the Photo Gallery page of the website.
Update Policies and Documents
By Webmaster on September 17, 2022
The Board has reviewed and/or revised our policies and several documents. Our policies may be found on the By-Laws & Policies page of the website.
Update - August Financial Report
By Webmaster on September 17, 2022
To review the August 2022 Financial Report, go to the Financial Matters page of the website.
Many Thanks
By Gayle C. Hinman on September 16, 2022
MANY THANKS TO THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE for arranging a wonderful Lenox Park gathering at the Wallad Lake Pavilion on Monday, September 12th.

Approximately 75 people attended and everyone had an opportunity to spend time with many of our newer residents and renew friendships with neighbors they haven’t seen in a while.

Thank you everyone for coming and a round of applause for the ladies on the Social Committee!
Lenox Park Board of Directors
Lawn Aeration
By Gayle C. Hinman on September 9, 2022
Great Osks will be in the neighborhood tomorrow to aerate the community
New Board Positions
By Gayle C. Hinman on September 9, 2022
Board of Directors positions until the 2023 Annual Meeting: Board of Directors:

President – Gayle Hinman
Vice President – Gene Malymeik
Treasure – Mike Bossio
Secretary – Norm Schmidt
Member At Large – Henrietta Makowski
New Board Member Henrietta Makowski
By Gayle C. Hinman on September 9, 2022
Henrietta Makowski has been asked by the board to fill the vacancy until the next Annual Meeting in 2023. The board is very excited about Henrietta joining the group and know she will become a very important part of addressing all the needs of our thriving community.
Rick Shanoski steps down
By Gayle C. Hinman on September 9, 2022
Rick Shanoski, due to personal commitments, has resigned from the Board of Directors as of August 18, 2022. Rick was a very important part of the board and contributed many long hours helping everyone living in Lenox Park with his knowledge, kindness and full attention to all needs presented. Rick will be greatly missed and hopefully will be back in the future!
Tree Pruning
By Gayle C. Hinman on September 9, 2022
9-8-22 due to the fresh concrete being poured throughout the community, Great Oaks will prune back the trees lining the sidewalks and entrance up to New Life Drive plus remove branches/stems that hide street signs. Extra weeding will also occur throughout the community. This will be done instead of this week's mowing.
Mowing Our Very Wet Lawns
By Gayle C. Hinman on August 25, 2022
Great Oaks called yesterday & stated a lot of the lawns are VERY wet & therefore is the lawn mowers will be turning on the driveways, not on the lawns because they are ripping up the lawns. If the mowers leave black marks on the driveways, rain will remove them. Please be patient. Today Jeff Dunn turned off the main pump until Saturday. Again, the community lawns are too wet due to the heavy evening rains we have been getting.
Update - Revised Modification Form
By Webmaster on August 17, 2022
The Alteration/Modification form has been revised to show Kramer-Triad Management Group's new address in Ann Arbor. This form can be found by clicking 'Alteration/Modification Request Form' on the Modification page of the website.