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Lenox Park

Road Repair Work
Posted on Aug 25th, 2013

Many people have inquired about the road repairs and when will they be completed. Originally the Association was told that as soon as the construction was completed the roads would be repaired and the finished top would be laid down. However, this time schedule has been altered due to negotiations that are presently going on between the City of Novi and MJC.
Mike Bossio, BoD Treasurer, explained this process to a resident below:
“As I understand it there is a generally lengthy process that still needs to be completed before the street can have the final asphalt surface applied.  It starts with the City of Novi inspecting the current condition of the street, which they have completed.  MJC is challenging the conditions noted by the city inspector.  The two sides have to resolve their differences.  It is expected that resurfacing will occur some time this year, probably toward the end of the year.  If it is not completed by the end of November, it will have to wait until next year---the weather gets too cold for asphalt.”
We will keep you informed as we receive any additional news.