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Lenox Park

Board Bits - December
Posted on Dec 12th, 2016

We have been working this fall to improve our units and increase the maintenance efforts on our buildings. A total of 23 buildings on Lenox Park, View Crest, Brightwood and Lanford have had gutter covers put in place. These buildings have large trees behind them that drop their leaves and clog the gutters. More of these efforts are being planned for next year.
All buildings have had the downspouts reviewed and over 240 of the 1,134 on our buildings were found to be split and the straps broken. These were replaced and the systems cleared of debris. The covers of the drain lines were opened and many covers were replaced. This action should aid in moving roof water away from the foundations. A continuous review of the roof draining systems will be required with future projects planned to assure that the systems are sound and functional.
Our lawns, trees and bushes are now in better condition with dead trees and bushes removed and some of them replaced. The summer drought was hard on the lawns, but with the fall rains and lower temperatures, much of the poor lawns have been revived and appears to be in average condition. There will be more efforts next spring on the lawns and blvd. areas to continue to improve our landscape. The irrigation system will be a continual concern and further efforts on our wells and sprinklers will be required. Removal of driveway and walkway rust will be coordinated with additional rust preventative added to our well heads. All of these projects will be initiated or continued as budget allows.