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Lenox Park

Board Bits - October
Posted on Oct 8th, 2019

  • Great Oaks will be trimming the trees behind our condos to clear them away from our rear windows and decks. They have been instructed to clear an area at least 5 feet from the decks and rear walls, and at least 8 feet in height.
  • Great Oaks is in the process of trimming our trees and shrubs in the front of the condos. We have requested that they pay special attention to trimming those trees that are blocking our front signage (No Parking, Yield, etc.). For safety reasons, we need to make sure these signs are clearly visible to our residents and visitors.
  • Winterization of our irrigation system (i.e., clearing/blowing out the irrigation lines to prevent them from freezing and rupturing over the winter) is expected to occur in October.
Finally, please don’t forget to clear the water line in your basement between the outside faucet and the inside valve approximately 12” to 18” inboard of the faucet. This is easily done by opening the outside faucets at the side and rear of your condo and, while the water is running, turn the inside valve off. This will allow the water line between the inside valve and outside faucet to be free of water, thus preventing any freezing in the line if the winter proves to be very cold (polar vortex, e.g.)