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Lenox Park

Board Projects
Posted on Oct 8th, 2015

  • Standards of the three models within Lenox Park are being clarified in order to assist all residents in correctly determining personal insurance coverage.
  • The BOD and Great Oaks have been working closely to accommodate the landscape needs with the allocated 2015 budget.
  • The BOD has had to address major repairs with the immense and complex irrigation system servicing Lenox Park. This has placed a strain on the 2015 budget requiring some projects to be placed on hold. The irrigation repairs will need to be addressed for a few years.
  • If you have a concern regarding bugs, hornet nests, etc. around the outside of your home call Eradico at 248-477-4853, account number #129222.
  • Snow will be coming and if you have any concerns, the contact chairperson is Rick Tod at 248-859-4569 or ricktod28@gmail.com. Patrick Trinity will be assisting Rick.
  • If you are interested in joining the monthly LP dinner group, contact me at ghinman@yahoo.com.
If you have any questions or would like more information about the BOD’s activities, please come to a meeting, read the minutes posted on the website or contact a Board Member.
Have an enjoyable fall filled with beautiful colors and fun times. Happy Halloween!