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Lenox Park

Posted on Feb 26th, 2022

On July 26, 2021, I started contacting Maureen Underhill, Code Compliance Officer, for the City of Novi. My question was, what would our association need to do in order to have an annual or semi-annual evaluation done by a responsible party to determine trees that present possible danger and then grant the association the ability to remove them as a proactive course of action to prevent residential home destruction and possible personal harm. Maureen stated that the association would be required to hire a Certified Registered Arborist to evaluate the situation, develop a plan and submit it to the City of Novi for review. The association would be required to hire the Woodland Consultant from the City of Novi for approximately $450.00 to review the plan and determine if anything could be done. The City of Novi would then determine if the association would possibly be required to either replace a certain number of trees or replace the trees with “woodland credits” (which is money) to compensate for the trees that are removed. These contacts took a great deal of time waiting for calls/emails to be returned.
When all information and direction was received, I contacted 5 Certified Registered Arborists, reported my findings to the Board of Directors and the board selected Brian Colter from BC Tree Consulting. Brian is a Certified Registered Arborist who works as the City Forester for Grosse Point Parks. Brian has had a number of contacts with the City of Novi and is very familiar with City of Novi Ordinances. On November 13, 2021, three BOD members accompanied Brian and his assistant as they walked the woodlands inspecting and marking the trees that were to be removed. Brian identified locations where trees need to be either fully or partially removed. This evaluation was submitted to Rick Meader by Brian Colter on November 19, 2021. Rick Meader decided it would be deemed “tree maintenance” and would not require a woodland permit, which saved the association both time and money, approximately $450.
At the January 21, 2022 board meeting, a proposal from Greenlawn to remove the identified hazardous trees that the City of Novi approved for removal was unanimously approved. Work should start when the crews can be dedicated to the woodland tree removal proposal vs. snow removal.
For more information, click on  Dead Dying Trees USDA-FS 1999