Lenox Park
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Lenox Park

Construction Across from LP on 13 Mile
Posted on Oct 25th, 2020

Phase I of WLCSD’s $316 million bond work has begun as you can see by all the beautiful trees across from our entrance being cut down.
As things stand now the entrance to the Center will be directly across from Fox Run and the exit will be directly across from Lenox Park. This may create a very difficult traffic situation for the residents living in Fox Run and Lenox Park. The traffic pattern has increased on 13 Mile over the last few years due to the student drop off and pick up at Brightmoor schools and the new apartments at the corner of 13 Mile and Novi Road.
After a few conversations with the City of Novi, they are assisting us in learning how to possibly address our concerns as well as the correct departments and people to get in contact with. We will keep you updated as we acquire more information.
Here is the project development plan: WLECC Plans .  
A picture of the Early Childhood Center is below:
Early Childhood Center