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Lenox Park

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Brace Yourselves, Winter is Coming:
Posted on Oct 30th, 2018


Below is a checklist of home preparations for the winter season:


  • Check your community’s Rules & Regulations for if and when deck furniture has to be put away by and landscaping in your limited commons areas is to be cut back.
  • Schedule a furnace and hot water tank inspection with a local provider as these are not typically association responsibility items to maintain.
  • Replace the batteries in the smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors of your unit.
  • Hose off any debris from A/C unit and cover to minimize damages to blades caused by heavy snow and ice.
  • Shut off interior water supply to exterior spigots and drain.
  • Oil the rollers/tracks of your garage door (as applicable).
  • Purchase a small shaker of de-icer to keep on hand for small areas of refreeze on your porch or walk ways.


Taking the time in the next few weeks to properly prep your home can keep many of the frustrations of being a homeowner at bay for the next few months and actually make less work for yourself in the Spring.


For Our Snow Birds That Fly Away for the Season:


If you are one of the fortunate ones that are going to be away for an extended period for the winter season, you will find that you have a bit more prepping and planning to do before you spread your wings and take flight. Remember that without proper heat in the unit, plumbing pipes may freeze and expand which can then cause tears/breaks in the pipes that have the potential to cause severe flooding. Without electricity, sump pumps and furnaces cannot operate, all of which can also lead to frozen and burst pipes. It is therefore your responsibility to maintain the utilities at all times to ensure that the unit is properly winterized for the season. Not to sound too scary but be advised that you will be responsible for all damages which may occur as a result of failure to maintain heat and electricity at the unit.


Below is a checklist of all the proper winterization steps to secure your home before leaving out of town:


  • Keep heat set above 60 degrees (or at temperature outlined in Bylaws as applicable) and open cabinets containing pipes to allow heat to enter.
  • Do not shut off basic utilities (electric and heat).
  • Drain the plumbing - shut the water off from the interior main water shutoff valve and drain the system down from the lowest faucet to avoid pipes freezing, including the exterior water spigot.
  • Secure all windows and locks.
  • Provide a neighbor with a key and notify Management who has it.
  • Provide management with emergency contact info so that we can contact you or your designated emergency contact in an emergency situation.
  • Ask a friend, neighbor or agent to inspect the interior of your unit periodically for any signs of a problem if you are not routinely available to perform these inspections yourself.
  • Stop any newspaper deliveries and forward mail so that potential intruders are not alerted that the unit is vacant.


These minimal steps must be taken in order to protect the value of your property, maintain the aesthetic quality of the community and prevent safety/liability issues to your unit and adjacent units (as applicable).


Should you have any questions, please always feel free to contact our offices at (866) 788-5130 or at CustomerService@Kramertriad.com. We are here to help you in any way that we can. But most importantly, have safe travels!