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Lenox Park
Welcome to Lenox Park of Novi, Michigan
Today Is...
May 20, 2018
Today's Holiday:  Eliza Doolittle Day
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Budget Bits - May
Posted on May 11th, 2018
by  Mike Bossio, Treasurer

This report is essentially the same as the April Budget Bits only with updated numbers. As such, all income and expenses, and Reserve Fund savings are as planned. No surprises. The Operating Budget continues to be strong with a balance of $118,531. The Reserve Fund is also as planned. It has a balance of $686,222 and we made the planned deposit of $14,829. That’s it for now. I will continue to keep you apprised of our performance on a monthly basis.

Board Bits - May
Posted on May 5th, 2018
by Bob Rossana, Vice President
The annual Lenox Park Homeowners meeting will be held at Brightmoor Church on Tuesday May 15. The meeting is scheduled to run from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Registration will begin at 6:30 PM. The Board of Directors (BOD) encourages all residents of Lenox Park to attend this annual event.

   Upcoming Events   
LP May Dinner
Tuesday, May 22nd, 6:00 pm
Location:  Dave and Amy's of Walled Lake
Fireplace Room
800 N. Pontiac Trail
Walled Lake, MI   48390
RSVP by May 19th
mshanoski@icloud.com  and/or  248 347-1753
For more information go to Upcoming Events on the Clubs & Groups page.

By Beverlee Gumtow on May 18, 2018
If you are planning to donate for one more bench please mail or deliver your form and money by May 31. Thank you.
Glass Window Tint Coating
By Gayle C. Hinman on May 17, 2018
If anyone might be interested in having their skylights and/or windows treated with tint coating, please contact Gayle Hinman at ghinman@yahoo.com. I'm working on getting a group discount.
Burst Exterior Hose Faucet
By Marie Walkowski, Paul Kelly on May 9, 2018
We had a burst exterior hose faucet that caused damage inside the building. If there is a way to alert other owners to be careful when one turns on the water to their hoses. It appears that some water may have been trapped in the faucet and when it froze during the cold winter, it expanded and burst the faucet casing in the wall. The add on backflow preventers that may have been installed also prevent the trapped water in the faucet from draining.When the faucet is turned on water squirts out between the faucet and the wall and also leaks down between the interior drywall and exterior wall. So be careful and immediately shut off the faucet and get the sill faucet / hose faucet replaced before using it again. the Woodford Faucet website shows how the faucet is built and you can see what most likely happened.